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DIYFOAM Spray Urethane Foam Made Easy, Do it Yourself, (DIY)

DIYFOAM is a Do It Yourself, DIY, Spray in Place Urethane Foam. The use of Bio, renewable energy allows you to use renewable energy to save energy.

DIYFOAM is a DIY, Do It Yourself Spray Urethane Foam with a hard skin, soft middle spray urethane foam. The B-side is made from regrowable energy.

DIYFOAM is spray in place urethane foam to leave you with more insulation dollar per inch.

Spray urethane foam is known throughout the world as the best in insulation due to its high R factor and ability to fill cracks and crevices.

The FastKick Spray Gun/Proportioner has become the easiest way to apply multi component materials for Do It Yourself Spray Urethane Foam. Your air compressor, 5 HP 220 Electric, 8HP Gas or above is all this is required. no electric, no heaters, just an air hose.

The air motor pushes the two positive displacement rods up equally through both cartridges at the same time and pressure to assure perfect on ratio spray.

All Spray Urethane Foams by DIYFOAM have been sprayed as low as 50 Degrees F. To achieve yield and proper reaction in the colder environments cartridges must be heated to between 90 F to 100 F which can be accomplished by soaking in hot water or use of an electric blanket

- Energy bills are not getting any lower so it is nice to know a company is offering a fast and easy way for the Do-It-Yourself Contractor to apply spray foam insulation without the need for electricity or bulky equipment.'s parent company was the originator of the FastKick dual cartridge spray gun with over a million board feet applied by handymen throughout the world.

The simplicity of the FastKick cartridge system has been the key to its success. The design of the application device makes it possible to spray evenly, unlike bulky, complicated equipment that can spray off ratio.

The back of the gun is a simple air motor with two positive displacement rods connected to it and acting as one. When activated, the air motor pushes forward the two positive displacement rods with round discs attached through a factory pre-filled disposable plural cartridge.

As the rods push the A and B components of the spray foam through the dual cartridges they meet and are thoroughly mixed to become one chemical. The air atomizer breaks the material up into a spray pattern and within seconds the material expands and hardens. Using the FastKick cartridge system results in a highly insulated foam that fills all cracks and crevices. Using this special process avoids air infiltration associated with other types of insulation.

The hoses and guns can be easily maintained and require zero clean up between uses. You can stop at any time after emptying a cartridge because there is no material going through the gun itself, only the disposable cartridges.

The cartridges are pre-factory filled and come in a variety of densities. A .5 Open Cell Urethane Foam for a super yield to fill entire areas between studs, a 1.5 Closed Cell Urethane Foam with a higher R - Factor that will give more strength to the entire building and a 3 pound density urethane foam for exterior roof applications or repairs on existing Spray Foam Roofs.

You will need an Air Compressor that is 5HP electric or 8HP Gas and 3/8" ID air hose. As with any spray foam type product you will need a charcoal respirator or fresh air supply.

DIYSprayFoamSupply is a national supplier for Do-It-Yourself spray urethane foam, equipment and complete kits. The company has offices located in Yulee, Fla. and Hurricane, UT to allow for convenient and efficient shipping. For more information visit or call 1-877-772-9629.

Saving Money With DIYFOAM

Notice: As a general rule DIYFOAM tries to blend products with both the greenest available. Due to ever changing technology such as changes in blowing agents and fire testing this is sometimes not an option. All DIYFOAMS still live under the principal as green due to the high insulation saving energy costs to the building owner.